record & sync problems using Connect IQ

Hi folks, is anyone else having problems saving and syncing activities using Connect IQ?
My Garmin Edge 1000 is connecting with the app ok and downloading the workouts however when the activity is completed it saves and syncs with Xertonline only and will not sync with Garmin Connect. The ride data is missing power and distance and the time of day (and day) is incorrect. I’ve completed a number of workouts with the same result and have factor reset my Edge to make sure its not a bug there. The workouts were performed on a Tacx Neo operated through the Connect IQ ap in power mode. Thanks, Phil.

All activities are recorded to Garmin Connect and come back to Xert Online via your Garmin Connect link that you create in the software or go from Garmin Connect to Strava and then to Xert Onlin. However, when they go through Strava, some data may not get included. It is best to use your Garmin Connect link ( to receive workouts you do on the Garmin using the Xert Player.

I Agree. I notice on the indoor training the heart rate % is not displayed on Strava but it is on Garmin connect and Xert. But very strange when I Use it with my road bike and Vector pedals all is recorded. Why?

Hard to know what’s happening on the Strava end.

Should Garmin Connect automtically record the ride or does it have to I have to manually begin/end it on the Garmin device (520)? I’ve just started trialling Xert and Connect IQ and although the workout displays on the remote player (so is being uploaded by the Garmin Connect phone app), it did not record as an activity on Garmin Connect (or appear as a Xert activity).

If you plug in your Garmin device, is there a FIT file in the Activities folder? You can upload that file if there is.

Ah yes, the activity is there. So I just need to look at why it didn’t upload. Are CIQ activites processed any differentely, should they upload automatically as normal?

Same as any other activity.

Ok thanks. I’ll look on the Garmin side then. Thanks for advising.