Recommened Workouts

Hi, I am evaluating this software with its workouts as I am looking for a tool to support my training. So I have a trial account.
What I find a bit puzzling is that I get only one workout recommened regardless of what training I done. I am wondering why?

During the trial period the workout library is limited, but on the right side of the My Fitness page under Advisor Recommended Workouts, click ‘more’ at the bottom to see some more workouts. They are listed in order of most to least closely aligned with the Advisor. If you click more you will see more of the options. Also, in the background there is always a workout waiting in the wings for you, in case you choose to workout ‘right now’, without selecting something different.

IME the trial shows you how Xert LOOKS so you can test the interface and compare it to other platforms.
If you really want to see how Xert WORKS I suggest a 30 day subscription ($9.95) and download as much historical data with valid power meter data that you have.
Set an improvement rate based on hours you can train per week. Then accumulate 4 weeks of data for Xert to learn more about you and for you to learn about the platform.
If you have questions about your fitness signature setup contact and they’ll confirm it for you.

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