Recommended XSS values

Sorry for my ignorance :slight_smile:
What is the meaning of coloured recommended XSS values? (blue, yellow and red ones)

You can click on the XSS circle in the planner to get the breakdown. Blue means low, yellow high and red peak.

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Reference – XSS – Xert (


Not sure the support docs are updated. Those are for low, high, and peak XSS. You’ll have a target for all three, and it should show how much you need for each. Workout recommendations will be to hit those targets.

You’ll notice these show when there is an XSS value. As well, the planner depicts these as a “matchstick” beside each activity so you can get a visual of the relative contribution of the low, high and peak systems to the power in the activity. Here are a couple of articles to help explain these: