Recommended Workouts

I simply want to clarify, are the recommended workouts based off of the workout goal or the training deficit? I’m concerned because I want to be fresh an event on the 28th, and have programmed in a roughly 140 xss fast group ride on the 26th putting me at a recommended xss of 46, yet the system is only showing 90 xss recommended workouts. I can certainly follow the recommendation and ignore the workouts, but a large part of me using this service is the cool “Smart” workouts.

I had asked a similar question in the past and it was proposed that the system may simply not have such low xss workouts programmed in. I’m curious if there is any way to affect the recommendations, eg. state that I have 3 hours available today and 1 hour available tomorrow, etc.

Please see the attached screenshot for more clarification. 2018-04-24 14_38_16-Xert Power Training and Analytics _ My Fitness

+++ having a way to more easily filter workouts based on time availability would be a great feature.

Ya, today’s plan has something like this, they let you pick how many hours you have available on particular days. Would be cool if I could pick how many hours I would like to workout on given days on the planner, and have the recommended workouts optimized for this.

We are considering this. For the moment, you can use the Load More button to give you a variety of workouts you can choose from to meet your needs. If you still are seeing workouts you can follow, use the Workout Listing. The planning advisor feature due out shortly will also help in your situation.

Cool, looking forward to a feature like that!