Recommended Workouts "Trial"

Hi there’s a “Trial” on one of my “Recommended Workouts” what does this mean?

The workout is called “SMART - LET THE SPARKS FLY”


Yes it’s on my copy of the workout too. Maybe they’re identifying new “trial” workouts going forward.

I wonder why the xss on your version is 113 whereas its 116 on mine.

Doesn’t that just mean that “Let the sparks fly” is one of the few workouts that’s available during the free trial?

@ChewieLeg Thanks, your probably right I have a subscription so this was bit a bit confusing

@oldcyclist65 It could be more because I’m heavier than you :grinning:

If I remember correctly the original 14-day trial from years back was a single SMART workout to demonstrate how Xert was different from everyone else.
I thought it was Eye of the Tiger (not Let the Sparks Fly) but I may be wrong.

As far as XSS goes every workout in Xert it tied to your current signature and everyone’s signature is different.
When you view the workout in Workout Designer the chart will also look different than other users. That’s why I keep telling people not to export workouts to run on other platforms. :wink: It’s not just dynamic duration/power intervals affected.
As your signature changes so will the chart especially in regard to MPA drawdown.
Next time you have difficult workouts to choose from compare them in Workout Designer first and you’ll see what I mean. It will likely affect your decision. (Make sure Advanced Charts are enabled under Account Settings.)