Recommended WO type

Hi Armando and XERT guys,
This topic has been touched on before – XERT recommends a WO type.

For me like some other folks it has been Endurance for some time – which is kinda OK as I have found ways to stay entertained and I am focusing on raising my TL right now anyway

But I seem to remember that for the type to change we need to reach a certain TL level (higher than now) and a certain Form (less tired than now).

So my questions are 1) is this true? and 2) is the TL an absolute level? In which case I will probably doing Endurance for the rest of my XERT career haha and 3) if goal TL is not an absolute level then is some proportion of highest previous TL?


Go to Account Setting ( Right to corner) and change “Target Event Date” ! the farther your event out ( 6-7 month from now) the more you linger in “Endurance” ! set it for a month from now it will change to" Climber" and 2-3 Months it will be “GS” Just play with it and see what you get!
not sure why Xert uses the TED to determine the RW regardless of someone’s Form!

Shar/George, We’ll be expanding this feature to take in broader information for the recommendation. We’re working on the Training Planner at the moment and this will allow you to plan out your future workouts / activities. We can start predicting your fitness from the individual strain values you’re expected to be getting. This is a necessary piece in order to take “recommended” to the next level - recommended training can be computed as part of an optimized training plan.

For the time being, perhaps we can reword to “suggested” such that we don’t give the impression that the software has already computed this optimization for you. Would this help?

Hi Armando – I think it could help to change the wording it does leave the impression that software is recommending a particular workout type. But very much looking forward to Training Planner. Keep up the super work :slight_smile: Virtual coffee on the way!

Yes, same here, can’t wait for the TRAINING PLANNER.