Recommended training - Like button bug?

If I “like” a workout that’s in my Recommended Training list, it’s no longer recommended. Don’t think that is correct?

When I test this feature the liked entries rise on the recommended list.
For example, it I like #3 on the default list of four, it rises to the top of the list.
If I Load More and like #5 and #8, all three liked workouts are now at top of my recommended list.
I can also dislike workouts I will never ride and they are pushed off the list.

I think maybe it was because I had previously favorited them, so they were preset to “liked”? So clicking the thumbs up icon actually removed the like.

I think I figured this out now.
You can like/dislike a workout.
You can only make an activity a favorite.
Activities can be outdoor rides or indoor workouts.
A workout ridden with the EBC app becomes an activity once completed and saved. That procedure names that activity the title of the workout.
If you ride an entry from the Sessions Library that activity is named with the Bike the World video title when completed.
You can also edit an activity name, or the name may reflect what was synced from other platforms.
Making an activity a favorite activity has no bearing on the associated workout that resulted in that activity.
In the past you could make an activity or a workout a favorite. Now there is the distinction.
Activities can get a star icon. Workouts can get a thumbs up/down icon.
The confusion is you can make an activity a favorite that is titled with the name of the associated workout. The workout “name” then shows up on the Planner drag-and-drop list under Activities but naturally not under Workouts unless it’s been liked before. Dragging the named activity onto the Planner from the Activities list isn’t going to schedule that workout. Ditto with an activity created by riding an entry from the Sessions Library. You aren’t adding the associated workout or session to the Planner, but the name of the activity.
Make sense or am I missing something?

As to your reported bug, it does seem related to the change between starred and liked versus favorites on file from the past.

Ha that is confusing, I had to read it twice. :slight_smile:

Maybe in an ideal world if you favorite an activity that is based on a workout, a message would pop up saying that the workout that it is based on has been liked.

And yes I do think my “bug” was due to the way that old favourite workouts were updated with the change. Main thing was that I didn’t realise the thumbs up was already selected, it’s not super obvious from the interface unless you have clicked it from the off state.