Recommended training is completely out of its mind

I really don’t understand. Until about two weeks ago the adaptive training advisor would advise me to do workouts that hit my xss targets. The recommended workouts hit the target.

Now…My xss target is 357xss and it’s recommending a 95xss ride. This week I figured I’d take the advisor at its word and just do the recommended workouts, and slowly my xss target gets bigger and bigger. My status is blue.

So what gives? I can dig up my own workout if the advisor is not to be trusted. I mean… I will do that because at this point I’m detraining waiting for the advisor to sober up. :smiley:

How far along are you in watching the Academy series videos?
XATA provides a range of possibilities based upon recent history and current settings under Goals.
In Pre-Base you will see a variety of recommendations around selected Athlete Type and reflecting what you have performed in recent past in each category (indoor, outdoor, virtual, sessions).
At 4 stars status level you can pretty much do as you want. A phased progression doesn’t kick in until Base phase begins in which case Endurance will be the norm for recommendations. However, with a starting TL at 4 stars you already have established a base so you can mix things up if you want.
Deficit is pts required to return to Noon position on Training Pacer but as you will see in the videos closing the deficit isn’t necessarily the daily goal. It depends on how much time you can train today and how you decide to allocate your week.

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Hi Eric,

Good question! A little bit ago, we made some changes to how the Xert Adaptive Training Advisor functions by adding in the ability to recommend Virtual Rides & Outdoor Rides on top of recommending workouts.

However, we wanted to differentiate the recommendations based on each activity type. Just because I might do a 4 hour long ride outdoors on a weekend doesn’t necessarily mean that I would also want to do a 4-hour ride on the turbo the following weekend. Therefore, the XSS recommendations for each activity type are based on what you typically do (plus a little extra to meet your selected IR).

We have a new glossary post that helps explain this a bit more, which you might find helpful/interesting: