Recommended training inappropriate to training phase

Given I’m in pre-base phase, I should be doing, exclusively, long, slow endurance or recovery rides, not HIIT, surely.

Our approach is a bit different. In Pre-base, you’re technically not in a training program, so you shouldn’t be following any plan per se. Just ride and enjoy it. If you want to do a workout, then go ahead. The specifics of what you do well before your training program starts, doesn’t really matter all that much since what you do today, doesn’t have much material benefit to your fitness in 120 days, let alone 150 or more. Once you come within the 120 day window of the training program, you’ll see structure to your training. Besides, if you do anything more than 120 days of structured training, you’re much more likely to suffer mental burnout and boredom.

So just ride for now. Pick any workout you want to do.


Armando, I know on the app it shows a bar indicating pre-base, base, build, and peak. However, in the future, can you add dates as to when exactly Pre-base ends and Base begins?

If I remember - or understand - correctly, base starts 120 days before your event. Anywhere before that, will be pre-base…

My event is not until August 2020. Does that mean that there will be two training plans?

I don’t think so, not automatically. If your event date is August 2020, you will remain pre-base, until somewhere in April 2020. You may want to set a new target date, for instance March 15. You could target a similar event, or something different. You surely have something like a Gran Fondo mid-March or early April that you could train for? We have events like that every week here, starting in March, all through to September. Or train for something like a big mountain climb, if that is at all possible. After that, you can have a rest - set progress to maintenance - for a few weeks and start your actual training plan for August’s event in April.

Oh yeah, I have several Gran Fondos. Thanks for the suggestion, I will change the date to April. Great idea. :slight_smile: