Recalculate progression

In my Account Settings, tab “Profile”, a red button shows up saying “Recalculate progression”, followed by an exclamation mark. To me this indicates I should/need to push that button…if I do, there is warning: “Your Fitness Progression data is about to be recalculated. Please ensure your Fitness Signature is properly set before proceeding.”

  1. Should I push the button? And if so - why? Shouldn’t Xert take care of all the calculations?
  2. How to “ensure your Fitness Signature is properly set”? I can think of maybe adjusting the FTP and peak power in case Xert’s calculation is off, but I have no means to determine HIE and LTP. What is the best approach to “ensure your Fitness Signature is properly set”?

You can use the calculator to estimate your fitness signature. You can also review your history and see if you can provide some estimate for your very first activity. Also check the FAQ on “Is my Fitness Signature wrong?” to get an idea of what your signature should look like.

Ok, thanks. What about 1)?

  1. See blog. Sometimes you may need to make a correction manually.

So the fact that the button is red does NOT indicate that I need to take an immediate action, i.e. press the button? To me the button looks like something is wrong and I NEED to recalculate progression. But maybe the button is always red…

Thanks Axel. This is not something we’ve thought about but now that you mention it, I can see the confusion. We’ll think about making it appear less like this is something you should be doing.