Recalculate progression does not update status

I’ve tried to manually recalculate progression several times, but the status indicator will only update up until about 10% and then nothing… There is no message indicating that the process has finished, either on screen or in the Notifications bar. I have no idea if this is only an information issue or an actual issue with finishing the recalculations.

Also, I’ve tried sorting the table on the lock symbol and while it actually does sort the table, it does not always make the workouts with a fixed signature appear at the very beginning or end of the table, more like 5-10 rows down for me (right now).

Hi Mathias. We’ve had a couple of users mention they had the same issue and we’re looking into it. Might be related to the high volume of new registrations and delays in getting activities processed. Do you have a lot of activities? The lock sorting is another known little issue that’s on our list.

Should be fixed now. Ran a recalc on your account so you shouldn’t need to do it again. :slight_smile:

I’m currently experiencing the same thing. The progress bar gets about 95% there and then stops.

Hi Rohan. Send our support an email with details please so someone can look at it for you.


I tried this myself again yesterday and it’s still calculating, so I’d say Xert has a similar issue as two years ago. Are you working on this?

I’ve had same trouble getting recalculated but scott is working on it now :slight_smile: For me, problem is due to a poor data fit record from 2017

Yeah, could be something with an older non-power data file that is getting hung up somewhere. Send a note to and someone will take a look into it. Cheers

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The progress bar disappeared after I uploaded a new workout, but it hadn’t reset.

I’m not sure if a reset would have fixed the problem I had anyway. Basically what happened was that after a very long break XERT had my HIE and PP decline to unrealistically low levels, when in fact even with a training load of zero my HIE will still be in the mid/low 20’s and my PP around 1000. With unrealistic HIE and PP values, XERT then overestimated my LTP and FTP. I corrected this by seeding some early breakthroughs and now I have a realistic signature.

It’s a very different issue than what was fixed a couple of years ago. This one has to do with HRDM for very short activities that fail to get processed. We fixed it yesterday so all should be good. If not, let our support team know ( so it can be looked at.

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Thanks - same problem here (been updating for the last 2 days, and have tried to start again but it stops at about 40% progress). Have reported to Support, so hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. I have a mix of power+HR and only HR files.

My problem with the very short, and failed record, is solved. Big thanks to Scott Steele for excellent and prompt support. :+1: