Real world segment hunter advice needed

If I’m on the start line of a TT but the physical start line is after the start of the segment, will the hunter still work?

It will start as soon as you enter the segment, and unfortunately increase the wattage demands the longer you are stationary in it based on your goal time,if I’m understanding you correctly.

If you or someone you know has road it before, you could create a New Segment (starting after the actual starting line) not sure how far from the Starting Line you would want it to start,maybe do a test prior. Test could be done on any segment.

The segment could be “private” where only you could see it. I’ll do this also near the end of a segment, for example If there is a climb and then a downhill/flat finish. I’ll set to BT at Top of climb knowing how hard it is to BT on flat/downhill

Presumably, so long as I don’t press start to begin the activity until I’m just about ready to go it’s not a problem?

Think I would go with the private segment option. Seems much easier to manage