Reaching my time cap

I’ve been using Xert for a while, and this year decided to try to follow a complete plan from base to peak at the Moderate 1. I’m reaching my max time allowed for training (approx 6-7 hours), due to work and family. I’m thinking of dropping back to slow and continuing to follow XATA or maybe adding more intensity instead. Also, just thought about maintenance and adding more intensity. Thoughts? @ridgerider2 @ManofSteele . My goal ride is the Gran Fondo Asheville in July. For intensity maybe some zwift races, good group rides, segment attempts.

This is where I’m currently at for progress.


I feel good with my fitness and not getting dropped as fast on zwift or in real life. #Xertwerks

Intensity will pick up now that you are in the latter half of Build regardless of ramp rate so dialing IR down to Slow will work fine if you need to limit hours.
You can moderate how intense the workouts are by selecting from the group of twenty if a top four isn’t to your liking. Taking an additional rest day can also trigger a more intense workout (tired to fresh) or filter by athlete type to view other options.
The key thing I want people to realize is you can tweak Xert and play what-if scenarios while XATA continues to follow its progression logic.
If you are able to ride longer on weekends you could also switch up the TL over the week. For example, shorter workouts on weekdays plus a longer, low intensity ride on a Sat/Sun. That longer ride will benefit your Gran Fondo goal so the more you can fit one in between now and July the better. Doesn’t have to be your Gran Fondo distance but consider matching expected time in saddle. Low intensity is key. I have found solo is the only way to ensure I’m going slow enough to stick to that concept. :slight_smile: Add a ride buddy and suddenly my HR or watts are 5-10pts higher than intended. On my own it’s much easier to say “oops, take it down a notch”. YMMV

Enjoy the ride. Beautiful area around Asheville.

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