Re-ride a previous AI generated activity

Hello all

I’ve just ridden an AI generated workout and on completion, asked my 17 year old son if he would like to see how well he copes with it. Yes, he’s at that competitive age and his dad is the first target.

For the life of me I can’t find out how to re-ride this workout. It’s not in the library and I can’t see how repeat it.

Any guidance appreciated.


AIG workouts are watt based formulated from your fitness signature at the time.
If you search the Workouts Library for “generated” you should find the one just created.
I’m not sure when they get removed but they aren’t viable on a continuing basis due to changes in your signature.

If the workout was already removed you can always use your recorded activity as a workout for your son. Make it preferred with the star icon and then filter for only star to find it easier. Not as clean as a real workout but close enough probably.

Thanks - strangely enough it found the “generated” one from last week but not the one from today. I’ll try again next time.

@Idexfix Ah…I tried to do this without success. I’ve just tried again and still can’t figure it out. I like my activity so the star is dark. Then I go to Workouts and search for “liked only” but nothing shows.

One way to hack this would be to search for and add your completed activity to a forecasted activity. Pin it. Adapt. Clear it and then autogen. :wolf:

You could go one step further: Download the .ERG file. Import the .ERG file and convert it to MMP/LTP. Download the new .ERG. Log in to your son’s account. Import the new .ERG. It’ll now be based on his signature.

That’s probably exactly what he doesn’t want :wink:

I tried it with the Training tab and not filtering but just clicking the star icon while having the type set to ‘all’.
If you have a lot of workouts with a star and ‘load more’ is getting tiresome you can also deselect the three workout categories (standard, community, personals or something) in the filter and then again click the star on the training tab.

I’m sorted. I can do what I wanted.

Thanks for everyone’s assistance.

I was a TrainerRoad user since pretty much their inception and switched to Xert as I wanted to log rows and runs too. Now, with the AI feature I have my target set and re-generate when I put in an unscheduled MTB ride or miss a workout due to a social engagement. Sure I have loads to learn to get the best out of this but feeling positive.