Rankings web chart

I do like this feature however would it be possible to have two spider webs one for absolute power and a second for w/kg as mixing them in one chart is a little confusing

Hi Steve.

We are considering allowing the user to select from a series of templates to use. This could be absolute or W/kg, for example. The flexibility will enable it to be used in other sporting events like MTB. However, weight can have varying affect on performance and thus how to account isn’t always either absolute or W/kg. Suffice it to say, the rankings display can be enhanced in a number of ways and how much to account for weight is an aspect we are considering.

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m with Steve on this one.

Between 10 and 20 minutes my percentile ranking drops by over 50%. Is this because I’m lighter than most, because endurance is not my strong point, or is it a bit from column A and a bit from columns B?