Ranking page suggestion

I think it would be helpful to allow an additional filter in the ranking to filter along people with similar star level as you. Not sure it is helpful to compare to an entire population of people that maybe much more trained and have much more time than you, I’d much rather know how I rank against my peers which would be age, gender and training level.



This could be combined with my date slider idea.
Instead of selecting status stars count your current training load stars count is indicated.
However, a date slider can be dragged to any week in the past to display ranking based on where you were at that time (using weekly stats for this purpose).
Even better, when you drag the slider to the left you can click :arrow_forward: to play week-by-week changes moving forward until today. Say a week per second. Then you could look back and watch changes as they occurred from the start to end of a progression or a year ago through today.
The slider could apply to all three charts under Ranking.
The default view is today, but you can always drag it back to a prior week in time.

Works for me. Just want to know where I stand amongst peers, not all Xerters of same age/gender

If you join a club community of similar riders, you can see rankings there. FYI

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Armando, as a Xert user looking at communities there is very little to attract anyone to any of the communities unless you happen to live in that area.
The only exception that I can immediately see is the handcyclist group which states who it is specifically aimed at and what you can compare with.

I might be wrong but if I am a 65 yo who has a 250TP then which community would I enjoy. Nothing seems to stand out at all.

Perhaps I do not understand what benefits communities are there to provide.