Ramp Test

Hi my lastest ramp test gave me an ftp of 255 but xert is only showing me as 226. is there any reason for this?

I have changed my signature to relate to my ftp

Ramp/FTP tests from other systems only provide general/rough estimates of your threshold power. Consult our FAQ to see how you can assess and adjust your signature: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/is-my-fitness-signature-right/

I have read the link my peak power is pretty close to previous efforts so that is proberbly correct. And i got a MAP of 335 which puts my FTP at 251. So which is correct? A higher Hie with a lower ftp or a lower hie with a higher ftp. Im confused

Do i need to do a 20min test to confirm ftp? I thought xert was suppose to remove the need for this?

Ramp and FTP tests don’t confirm things unfortunately. You simply need to ride and show patterns of fatigue through hard efforts at various intensities. The software can then better determine if HIE needs to go up or down through finding those patterns. (Ramps and FTP tests have no pattern but just offer a single point of reference). Keep riding and uploading your data. Do hard group rides / races and other types harder efforts and things will sort themselves out. (I suspect you’ll most