Raise my threshold power?

My threshold power seems to be stuck. I have surplus XSS and recently had a break through. What workouts do I need to do to raise my threshold power?

Well, you only need to perform some lightly progressive workouts to improve your shape over time. The important thing is that you let your body adopt the amount of training you perform, getting fresh, and then try setting new breakthrough!

There is a trend in much research that says that 4x8min around TP is the best way to improve threshold power.

I’ve had good results this off season raising FTP by putting in LTP & under rides with a slight rise in building XPMC. Once a week I do a workout. Either Say it Ain’t So or Hardness Level 3 or 4.

I am getting Breakthroughs at end of Zwift Races.

My reason for doing workouts like this is to maintain / improve VO2 (I’m 55+ years young) and trying to keep form for the riding type that I do (MTB & Strava Segments).

I didn’t want to admit that more Zone 2 work would raise FTP, but after multiple BT’s it not a coincidence.


Good to hear you are having success raising your FTP with LTP & under rides, I’m trying the same thing this season. What workouts on Xert have you found fit that category and work well for you, or are you just freeriding at a low level? I’m about the same age as you and also focus on MTB. I find managing fatigue and rest the most critical component at this stage in my life which is why I’m hoping the LTP and under approach will work as opposed to the sweetspot approach that I’ve used in the past. My volume has gone up so still creating fatigue but I find managing recovery day to day much easier.

I hear u on the fatigue.
I’ll try to get back with u on specific workouts,but as of late,just Free Riding on Zwift and on longer rides going 175-230% of XPMC. So if my XPMC is 50,long rides typically 90- 120ish XSS about every other day,day after shooting for about 35 XSS. I work on spinning drills on those rides every 5m or so.

These are all basically under LTP rides for the most part,So about 1.5-2hrs long