Racing with xert

Racing this weekend and I’m planning on making a few breakaway attacks. I was going to set up 2 apps on my Garmin 520 to help manage these attacks; MPA/Power & Time to Exhaustion/Recovery. Based on my xert profile, my 6min power is 448w and my Peak Power is 1,353w. I’m still not fully sure how to best use your tool for racing.

  1.    Should I use 1,353w as my watts for ‘Time to Exhaustion?
  2.   What two wattages should I use for the ‘Time to Recovery’ screen?

Sounds great Michael! Setup TTE to show you the duration of an attack. If you expect to attack at a sustained 450W, then set it to that value and the app will show you how long you could sustain 450W for. I would leave Use Custom Target MPA off for TTE. Set TTR to show the recovery time at the intensity you expect while riding in the pack. So if you think the pace is going to be hard, use a higher number (but must be below your FTP) and if you think it will be easy, set it to a lower number. For TTR, I would set Use Custom Target MPA on and pick a Target Recovery MPA value that you think you’ll be able to attack with, say, 800W.

When you have an opportunity to glance down during the race, TTE will tell how long your attack will last. If it says less than a minute or so, you might not be recovered enough, for example. TTR will give you an idea of how long to sit before you can attack again.

I would suggest making these settings and going for a ride or two to see how they work for you. You may need to adjust them to what you think makes sense for you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Will do. Thanks

I have TTE/TTR on my garmin now but where do I set my TTE and TTR. I’ve looked everywhere

Never mind. Got it

You use Garmin Express to change the app settings. There’s a little button with 3 dots beside the app that opens the settings. Check our FAQs. There is more info there and pictures.