Race planner timing

Wondering when the “race” format is expected to be released? Also is there any thoughts about adding hrv and sleep scores into the mix for suggested workouts.

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Things are always harder and take more time than you originally think. I could give you a date but I’d be wrong. :slightly_frowning_face: Suffice it to say, it’s our highest priority.

In terms of HRV, sleep scores, etc. I think it’s a dangerous proposition to account for them and then offer anything other than “Rest day.” when they don’t show good readiness levels. If you’re not up for training, don’t train whether that’s from how you feel or from some measurement you trust, regardless of what Xert suggests. We don’t really need integration for that.

Importantly, if the colour gradients don’t align with your feelings/scores, adjust the Recovery Demands slider. This will help better prescribe training that aligns with your feelings/scores. We could integrate with hrv/external readiness scoring systems to help auto-tune this slider for you but that’s a lot of integration effort that is easily adjusted by the athlete, probably better than what we could possibly do with a significant integration effort since many of these HRV-based readiness systems aren’t trusted by a good many users.


Okay thanks

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