Race Photo Share

Hi Everyone - we’re looking to share some photos on our socials! We would love to see some user-submitted photos from your races/events. Ideally, higher quality photos would be preferred! Feel free to share them in this thread or DM me! Thanks!


I will bite!

This is all I have right now, still some cool photos! These races are brutal!

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Cool photos! Which event/race was this?

I can’t imagine racing a fatty :rofl:

Puncheur Cross in Devon, AB.


Muddy Onion, VT

Gravel Worlds, NE

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LOL! It is tough, down right silly?

Here is another picture on my summer fat bike (race XC on it)

The race is just a local series, its usually 30-40 fat-racers spread between (2) different category’s (1) short (around10-miles) and (1) long (around 20-miles)

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Awesome shots! I really like the one at gravel worlds :slight_smile: How’d you do?

That’s a loaded question! :joy: That event was life changing for me on a personal level. It was my first gravel race, my first ultra endurance event ever, my first time joining and following training advice from this cool software :biking_man:, I’m closing in on 60 but my mind is still thinks I’m 25, and, I still LOVE to compete. (Always against myself)

I remember this picture when the picture was taken. It was around mile 130 and the photog was standing in the middle of the road, wearing a giant hat. (It was 98 degrees)

I actually crashed on a corner a couple miles after this pic. I chunk of flint punctured my elbow pretty badly and had a few stones embedded in my knee. The last aid station was 9 miles ahead and as I pulled in, one volunteer looked at me and yelled, “I’m a nurse, come here”. I lost an hour getting patched up.

I was hoping for 11:00-11:30 for the 150 miles and I rolled in at 12:59.

Amazing day.


Hardcore! Impressive that you were able to finish after all that, congratulations!

I actually can imagine how hard that ride must have been for you in the heat… amazing how much riding out in the open under the hot sun can sap your strength!