Quick Question on TP

So, I did a 25 mile TT yesterday, to see where I was at and got a breakthrough. (I know, yay for you) I know it has been asked before, but I’m not sure I understand exactly how it works. How does TP relate to FTP? I have read that they are somewhat interchangeable, is that correct? Xert set my TP at 252, based off of yesterday’s ride. I had my FTP in Garmin Connect and Training Peaks set at 230, which was a little low, as my last ramp test was 243. I thought the ramp test was a bit optimistic, so I set my FTP at 230 and forgot about it. Subsequently, using Xert, it scored my TP at 240, so the ramp test may have been accurate after all.

My question is, based off of yesterday’s Xert TP score, should I assume that my FTP is 250 for Garmin, Training Peaks and Strava? (Garmin gave me 232 and Training Peaks gave me 239 yesterday)

Yes and no - it depends on your personal capabilities. FTP is typically a value that is valid for anywhere between 40 and 70 minutes for any given athlete, hardly ever exactly for one hour. Xert looks at it differently - what does it put your one hour power at? - so it is similar, but not the same. If you base your training on Xert’s numbers, those on Strava or Garmin do not matter that much. Let them do their own calculation - or at least Garmin, as that will tell you when it detected a new FTP. Strava doesn’t do anything like that, I think…

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According to the power curve in Xert, 1 hr is 253.3 now.

No, Strava doesn’t track FTP, I just use the power zones to see where I was for a particular ride. The Garmin stuff is kind of clunky, so I have gotten away from its scoring, but I use the power and heartrate zones on my head unit to monitor my effort, at least I did until I started using the Xert data fields.

If your one hour power is equal to your TP, then it’s safe to assume your FTP is about the same…

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Ok, thanks so much for the help!