Quick Question on new Xert Adaptive Training Advisor Workout Focus

@Armando, I want to be sure to understand the new Workout Focus suggestion in the XERT ADAPTIVE TRAINING ADVISOR. Today, mine shows a Workout Focus of “Endurance”, which is simple enough, but then it follows that with a parentheses saying “Focus 290w”. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if my current “Endurance” pace was 290 watts, but it’s not :slight_smile: What I’m understanding this to mean is that the overall Workout Focus of the chosen workout should show “Endurance” but it should include interval efforts at 290 watts, while balancing those with enough volume to push the overall workout to an Endurance Focus. Would this be a correct interpretation?

That’s right. The wattage is a target to consider for the workout and not what wattage you should sustain for the duration of it. If it said Pursuiter, the wattage could only be held for 3 minutes or so.