Quick Q regarding heart rate data, Wahoo Kickr Rollr & iOS Xert EBC


Planning ahead for the next winter, I managed to pick up a very briefly used Kickr Rollr for a bargain (always shop for trainers in summer! :wink: ). So I understand that the Kickr Rollr picks up power data & cadence from the bike’s power meter via Ant+ and channels this information via Bluetooth to the iPhone running Xert EBC. If I want to add heart rate data from a Polart H10, would I need to connect the H10 via Ant+ to the Kickr Rollr and have the data channeled as well, or connect the heart rate strap via BT directly to the iPhone? Could not find any hints on this at Wahoo’s support page.

Thank you!

The Polar H10 supports Bluetooth and your iPhone will connect directly to it using Bluetooth.