Quick button to turn off ERG?


When i use the xert workout player for garmin (probably the same would apply with the regular player) and have ERG turned on, my trainer is too slow to adapt to quick increases in power, like when short sprints or 2x threshold intervals etc are programed, which makes me miss up to 30-40% of the intervall.

So how about making a button (that dosent require one to go deep into some menue) that quickly turns off ERG so that one can manually do those intervalls, and then quickly put ERG back on when there is more of a “steady state” part?

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Does this mean you are not running EBC on your phone for any indoor workouts?

No i always use the xert garmin app.

What the Xert player is able to do on Garmin Connect IQ pales in comparison with what the full EBC app can do on iOS or Android.
Player functions alone are one factor but there are many more benefits to running EBC.
Try EBC on your next indoor workout. Make sure your Garmin is not running so the sensors can be paired to the app. This assumes your trainer and sensors support BLE.

Xert App Comparison – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Ok, so is there a “quick ERG off” button on that one?

Screens (and some functions) differ between iOS and Android EBC but Mode is on the main screen during indoor workouts.

Android: Quick Start Guide: EBC – Xert (baronbiosys.com)
iOS: Using The Xert App for iOS – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

I suggest you try EBC with a workout you are having issues with on your trainer.
You can quickly toggle through modes while the workout runs if necessary,
If you want to avoid that step you can also edit the workout in Workout Designer so that portions of the workout run in ERG mode while problem sections switch to Slope. Mode stays set to AUTO for the entirety of workout. Some workouts in the library already work this way (called mixed mode).

If you do need to edit a workout, view it in Workout Designer, click Copy button at bottom and when you save the workout “(Copy)” will be appended to the title. The workout is then available from your Personal folder and during filtered searches and included in XATA recommendations. You can also mark the workout as a favorite to make it available as a drag and drop entry in the Planner.
I believe the mixed mode Copy version would also work on the Garmin player.
Initially I did use my Garmin 1030 indoors, but now I much prefer EBC.

Ok nice :+1: Ill check that out!

Hmm, im in the workout designer now, but i cant find where to put a certain intervall in “slope” instead of ERG?

Take a look at this one and notice the % grade entries for both work and rest intervals –
(1) Xert - Workout Designer (xertonline.com)

For other examples search the library for “mixedmode” (one word).

So when there is a “% grade” then ERG is turned off?

One thing i dont understand there is that it says 100% TP, but the intervall is at almost 900W. Dosent TP mean threshold power? (feels like one needs a 3 year Xert degree to understand everything…)

Yes, but in this case the sprint is in the column listed as ‘rest in between’ - it’s the 0.5-minute MMP one directly following the TP one. Presumably just done to reduce the number of lines in the spec, and make it easier to copy / add repeats.

And yes to your other question. If you click in the workout builder bit, there is a drop-down allowing you select slope, then another drop-down to specify the interval target within that. Once you do that, a field is added to capture target slope

Okok i see. Well, ill try to poke around a bit then and see if i can set a workout up as intendent. Thanks!

Workout Designer is an advanced tool that requires a working knowledge of Xert terminology and associated features to properly use it.
Most users will find the tool daunting until they are able to toss around terms like XSSR, MMP, or Target MPA without much forethought. :wink:
In your case you will be editing entries in the Power and Rest-in-between columns to reflect a % grade in slope mode. You do that by selecting the Slope option, then a target value type, then define grade %.

If you provide a link or name for the workout you want to edit we can help walk you through it. Or experiment on your own with various options and watch what happens.
You can always edit it again or delete it and start with a fresh copy until you are satisfied with the results.
Or try running the workout with EBC and you may not need to edit anything at all. :slight_smile:

Reference –
Advanced Workout Design using SMART Intervals – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

If i cant work it out ill be glad to take you up on that, thank you!