why is the focus duraion for 2x20’ at 90% FTP given a focus duration of 24 hours?

but the day before I did Feel like makin’ bike and got a focus duration of 1 hour?

finally, I did a 20’ test and the maximal effort time calculated is approximately 1 minute… but I believe the maximal effort was actually my entire 20’ effort… Is it because I put in a little kick for the last minute?

i noticed that the weight in all the activities i uploaded from the last two years have my body weight recorded to match my most recent weight that i entered for my current weight (15 lbs heavier than i was at the time) any way to update all activities so that they have body weights that more closely match a timeline? WKO5 for example keeps a body weight timeline for all body weights data. all activities are entered to fall in line with that body weight data table…

For all intents-and-purposes, the current model treats all efforts below TP the same in terms of a focus duration. The current model doesn’t attempt to determine how long you can sustain 90% of TP for example. So in essence, 3600 or 24 hours are equivalent. In terms of low, high and peak. The efforts are all low.

In terms of weight, you can modify your weight for any activity and sync your weight with Strava. We don’t however have a lot of tooling to manage your weight on a day-to-day basis on the system at this time or do any reporting. You are better to look at other platforms that have more tooling if this is important to you.