Question on Rider Type after latest podcast

I’ve just had a good listen to the latest podcast on Focus Duration and I appreciate that the platform is geared primarily towards riders who race. I don’t however, and my “events” are my longer group rides (4-6 hrs) with my similar aged retired friends. Having a look through the data for the last few of those rides, all bar two have had a Mixed Climber focus. The two exceptions were rides when I went for a breakthrough during the ride and the focus was reduced to Rouleur. Would I be correct therefore to set my rider type as Climber. One of my reservations is that the description of a climber is small and thin - the polar opposite of what I am and I would describe myself as anything but a climber as I’m more of a sprinter.

I’ve given up on that - I selected Time-Trialist and just leave it at that, even if I go to the high mountains. Big ass climbs or 40K ITT, they’re both painful :joy:

If you’re the Sprinter type and your rides are Climber type, and you wish to Focus on improving performance on them, then you’ll want to train at the longer duration Athlete Types. However, if your strength is as an endurance/long-duration athlete then you may want to adjust your Focus to an shorter duration athlete type such as Rouleur or Breakaway Specialist.

One way to think about these is that the more your riding involves punchier, higher intensity riding as what distinguishes the faster riders from the slower ones, then have a shorter FD with your training will help. On the contrary, if your riding involves long steady efforts as the distinguishing characteristic, then focussing on activities and workouts with longer FD would be the right strategy.

If the rides that push you to your limit are at the lower FD, then these are exposing your weakness and it would make sense to use a lower Focus to improve.

This :fu: I was lost 1 sentence in :joy:

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