Question on Android App

Is there the facility to scale the reported power from a turbo to align with other pm’s like there is on the IoS app. Note: I am NOT talking about Power match.

Hi Cary,

Nor at this time, unfortunately.

Many power meters allow you to scale it directly on the power meter by adjusting the slope. Check their iOS/Android app to see if this is available.

Yes I know but I use my Assioma Duo’s as my “reference” power and wanted to align the turbo with them. It’s no problem really as the iOS app allows you to do that. By the way that app works superbly and has become my workout app of choice over Trainer road. Being able to easily extend or jump intervals forward and backwards and change quickly between the various modes is brilliant. That, with the power scaling makes it unbeatable. It’s just that my iPad is getting a bit long in the tooth

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