Question about signature decay

I have a question about settings and signature decay method. What about “original decay” ? It’s new ? I see the help here ( ) but don’t speak about “Original decay”

Sorry for my english i hope you can understand

Hi Laurent,

The original decay is our first iteration of signature decay, which is a bit more aggressive than the optimal now. It also isn’t training matched either, which means that your fitness signature will continue to decay, despite a potential increase in training load.

We recommend the optimal decay (or no decay, if you’re in a base training phase with little to no maximal efforts). Hope this helps!

Scott, what kind of decay would you recommend for the build phase? My plan has me switching to build in a couple weeks. Thanks


Just jumping in here as I’ve been looking into the same thing. The answer is:

Basically, use no decay when doing base, then back to optimal for build and upwards - as you should start hitting the odd breakthrough.

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Thank you, I read that article and it spells it all out right there :+1: