Query with the Planner Freshness Status

After laying out my plan for this week my planner shows me as “Fresh” until the 30th and then it goes to “Very Fresh” on the 31st and then it goes back to “Fresh” again from the 1st to the 5th inclusive, then “Detraining” from the 6th onwards.

I’m not understanding how it can go from Fresh to Very Fresh and then back to Fresh again even though there are no workouts planned after the 27th?

Could it be an error caused by the start of the new 2021 year?


I guess it assumes you drink a lot of champagne on New Years Eve, and therefore you don’t feel as fresh as you would have the day before?


Brilliant hahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Perhaps you’ve discovered a quirk in how XATA predicts status on a weekly basis. Of course it will change as soon as you populate the week.
It appears you do some workouts elsewhere and sync them to Xert. (Yeah, I know where they’re from. :wink: )
I assume ‘Steady Z2’ varies somewhat between durations, but why assign it day after day or was that just an experiment to see what happens?
Hopefully the Z2 is based on a 5 or 7 zone model or are you actually going to the dark side? Remember, Xert users don’t let friends ride SSB. :smiley:

Hi @oldcyclist65,

I’ll take a look into this, although I do like @Marekcyclist idea :wink: