Pushing a workout to Garmin Connect

When I’m on the training tab and I’m looking at a list of running workouts that Xert suggests for that day, some of them have the little watch icon that allows me to push the workout to Garmin Connect and some do not have that icon. Of course the workout I want to do doesn’t have the watch icon (:-). Is there something I can do to push that workout over to Garmin?

UPDATE: I think I may have answered my own question. There is a limit of 50 intervals in the workout that can be sent to GC. The workout I wanted to send, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - 120’ I think has more that 50 intervals. What do you all think?

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Lucy comes in several lengths (at least for bike, I don’t run), maybe one of the shorter one fits and you can just repeat it as needed?
I usually use the Xert Android app on the trainer indoors so I don’t really have any experience with pushing workouts to Garmin, I just use the Garmin watch to record the workouts. But for running pushing to the watch is probably the only way to do it or recreate the workout in Garmin manually.

Thx idefix. Yep I recreated the workout in TrainingPeaks, then TP pushed it over to GC.
Thanks for all the feedback.