Public Sessions

We just completed 3 ‘Get Started’ rides in the sessions, that were well attended by our usual athletes, but no new XERT users from around the world joined us.

What can we do to help you get started with XERT sessions?

@mapdec Were you able to access my PM regarding description content?

My three ideas for boosting session participation are:

  • HTML editor for Descriptions (or at least rich text)
  • Notifications option added under Account, Settings; enabled by default
  • Session seats

Unfortunately all require backend coding but hopefully one or all are feasible and deemed worth the effort by Xert. :wink:

HTML editor will make it easier to understand the content and promote a session. Bulleted highlights or numbered instructions for example. Similar to how you would create a flyer for an event. You wouldn’t want to use plain test without paragraphs and line spacing.

Notifications will post a pop-up list of all upcoming session titles within next 24 hours anytime you visit XO. You can dismiss the notice and it won’t appear again until tomorrow or a hard refresh of your browser (similar to how tutorials for new features work now).
You can disable this option under settings if not interested in receiving the daily notifications.
The list might also include start time and suitability label.
If you click on a title it goes to that session and displays the description where you can join/sign-up.
This feature would promote sessions to all Xert users all the time. Who doesn’t visit XO? It’s also likely to result in last minute sign-ups. You get ready to train, login to XO, see a session starting soon (whether today or tomorrow) and decide to join that instead of selecting a workout.

Session seats are special codes you can issue for your sessions (generated during session setup if you select the new option). This allows anyone to join a session without a Xert subscription. Could be a code generated within a URL link so the login to the Session is automatic. If the participant happens to be a Xert subscriber they have full access to XO as normal. If not a subscriber they only have access to the Session Player and associated session. Everything else is greyed out/disabled or the link only goes to the Session Player page with no option to return to XO home page. .
This means you can invite the public-at-large to attend your session (viral marketing) by emailing them a link. Session hosts can use whatever email marketing tool they want to send the link if they have a mailing list or post link to FB, cycle club site, etc.
This feature would promote Xert to the general market and be especially useful for special events. I believe the capacity is 150 participants. Every seat-only participant is a potential Xert subscriber in the future.

Lastly there is the request by others for recorded sessions you can access 24/7.
This should only work for Xert subscribers. One issue will be server side storage limits but you could alleviate that with some type of expiry logic. For example, recorded sessions expire after 30 days of inactivity unless marked as permanent (as approved by Xert or a Coach user)…

BTW notifications could expand to include other options for Xert and Coaches to deploy. They could, for example, post a link to a forum discussion (like this one :wink: ) that would show a title in the notification list. Click that to go to the discussion. Could also be a link to a FB post but I really think this forum is more conducive to full discussions with searchable content. On FB your 15 seconds of fame is quickly lost, buried, and forgotten.