Propagate Xert

I’m using a few monthts Xert. It’s just great!! Do you have suggestions to propagate Xert in the Netherlands? (Belgium …)

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Thank you Luc! If you use Strava, be sure you enable advanced Strava sync features so that your friends can see additional summary data and Breakthrough and Workout Reports. Word-of-mouth is the best way to get people to use Xert.

Do you have an active group of Facebook friends or Twitter followers? Use that. Also, mention Xert on your Garmin Connect and/or Strava workout registrations. If you have both, best way to sync is Garmin -> Xert and Xert -> Strava (disable Strava -> Xert, although duplicates are filtered out anyway).

I use Garmin and my activities are automaticaly synchronized with Strava and Xert. Do I understand you: I have to disable in Strva the Xert connection?

No, this should be done in Xert. Goto Sync and then Strava, deselect Sync from Strava to Xert

I agree, Xert has been the best app I’ve used for not only great workouts but keeping me consistent to my training and not burning myself out or dropping off the radar.
But I’m the only person who uses Xert in my cycling club and nearby followers on Strava. I do try and spread the word but I get the impression alot of people like the gameplay of Zwift, even if Xert is a better training and analytical platform. The use of MPA is a game changer for me, the science is so clever.
I am hoping I can get really fit in the summer and people will start to ask what’s the difference this year?

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