Projected versus planned power: Why so different?

I am taking the advantage of being home for Covid to rebuild my cycling fitness and get to know Xert better. I have done three progressive build weeks and a reduced rest week to get some hours back into the legs.
I have picked aggressive improvement rate, and then used the planned to auto loaded 5 sessions a week with Monday and Friday rest days. On the Goals and settings page, it projects a 6 week improvement of 10W, but a planned improvement of only 5W. If I am doing the training sessions recommended for those 6 weeks, shouldn’t the planned improvement match the projected improvement?
What am I missing?
Any guidance most welcome.

How do you get the planner to auto fil a 5 week block?

He will have auto filled one day at a time for the period.

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Not sure but maybe via planner it still applies the decay, so is lower?
Or perhaps the 5 workouts a week are insufficient to reach the required TL for that improvement rate over the longer period. The number of hours typically increases each week when you try and maintain an improvement rate… you can see that when you use the adaptive training program slider on the home page to move you forward through the phases.
I don’t usually bother planning workouts in advance as it’s not actually necessary with an adaptive planner.

That’s exactly what I did. It would be nice to do a few weeks at a time though.

Hi Wesley, thanks for the reply. You might be right about the number of sessions a week, but I am planning the couple of rest days as I understand it to be pretty good practice to avoid overloading. Even then, it is giving about 6.5 hours a week, only slightly less than the 7.1 the improvement rates calls for. I would be surprised if the extra 30min a week accounts for the doubling of estimated power gain. Not sure about the decay, don’t know how it would apply, but again if the workouts are planned in, then the decay shouldn’t apply should it?
The reason I wanted to put the 6 weeks of activities in was that as I have been progressing so far, it is only putting in light rides followed by recovery rides, and my progress has been in the wrong direction. So I thought I’d plan out 6 weeks and see what it forecast.