Progression Charts Stress and Strain Weighted Average Axis

This axis has the description ‘Weighted Average Daily Accumulated Work’. I am correct in thinking the Stress chart is a weighted average but the Strain chart is not - its simply ‘Daily Accumulated Strain’ in kj (broken down into low high peak)? With regard to the Stress chart is the weighted element a rolling average over a given period of proceeding days? I’ve puzzled over this for a while off and on - should the axes not be relabelled Armando or is there some more sophisticated explanation I am not understanding?

Hi John. The strain axis label is incorrect. We’ll have to correct that. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks Armando. I thought it must be - but it will be helpful particularly to those new to Xert. No answer to part 2 I notice :slight_smile:

Stress chart EWMA based on 42 days.

Thanks Armando useful to interpret the chart. I guess that includes zero days bit like TL.

Are the axis on these charts still incorrect? As a newcomer this is giving me a very hard time figuring out what these charts and therefore also what stress and strain mean.

Similar question. It seems that continuing to accumulate strain is the key to improving fitness signature. I am struggling to understand how the ‘accumulation’ of strain is calculated. It looks like in the stress chart it accumulates, but in the strain chart it just shows daily XSS (no accumulation) but both axis are named the same (daily accumulated strain).