Progression Chart - parameters of an activity

How could I displey parameters of the longest activity of the day in the Progression Chart? See picture … Thanks, Lucas
2019-06-13 10_36_40-(16) Xert - My Fitness

Hi Lukas,

Which metrics are you trying to see? If you change the scale of the chart (maybe down to 2 weeks) and move your mouse carefully over those activities, you should see an XSS/form value for each of those activities. You can also find the details of each activity in the dashboard, or in the activities table. Hope that helps.

Hi Scott, I am trying to see XSS in the chart. Although I move my mouse over this activity, I can´t see the XSS metric. Probably it is a bug in the chart. I know about the details in the dashboard, or in the activities table. But I want to see it in the Progression chart too. Thank you very much for your response, Lucas.

I checked in with your account and I see what you’re saying now. We may have to rethink how multiple activities in 1 day should be displayed.