Progression chart always a day behind

I’m in Australia (GMT +10), progression chart always shows data up to yesterday (despite date range being up to tomorrow, and today’s activity successfully uploaded). Looks like it’s not taking my local time zone into account …

What is your timezone set to? Under Account Settings. (The XPMC may appear to be a day behind if your last activity was today since there isn’t a day after it to show the effect of the added XSS from today’s ride).

I think I might be seeing something related to this.

I am also in Australia. I have my timezone set correctly in the account settings (UTC + 11:00) Australia/Sydney.

My rides show the correct date and time in the activities.

The progression charts for do not show my latest rides when I select stress or strain. I can however see them if I select XPMC. Selecting XPMC even shows future activities I have entered in the fitness planner. In all cases I am selecting up to the following day in the date range.

It would be great to be able to see the stress and strain graphs including the latest ride straight away after a ride without waiting an extra day.

Just to add a bit of further information, now some 11 hours later after the ride was uploaded to Xert it is showing up in the progression chart for stress and strain. It is possible it was showing a bit earlier but I have checked many times during the day, so it probably hasn’t been showing up for very long. Hopefully this is an easy fix and something I can do.