Programmes for training or just individual training sessions?

I am looking for an 8 week programmme to lift FTP but all I see is a collection of interval sessions. What is the best way of putting them into a structured programme? Has someone alr day done that? Do I get that with the premium subscription?

Thanks Simon. Structured training plans are coming. We are working on a planner that will predict future fitness based on training. This is the first step. Then we’ll get into training programs. In the interim, we just released a nice tidy new feature that helps you to choose a workout based on your current training status. Use this as a guide. Although we appreciate that most users are looking to improve their FTP. If this is all you want to do, then Xert would suggest simply doing Endurance workouts. But as most that have become more familiar with fitness and performance from Xert have realized, there is more to fitness than just your FTP. Check out other comments and the blog “Using Xert to Get Faster Than Ever” to see how to use the software to do much better than simply lifting FTP. Good luck and we hope you enjoy using Xert!