Program Phases

As Xert takes you through the program phases, I understand how it makes the workouts more intense and better matched to your athlete type. The part I am not clear on is if there is any adjustment to training volume or if this is something that you would use improvement rate changes to manage. For example, as you get close to the event date, should you drop IR to Taper? Either way, I am curious how that should be managed and what the recommendation is as you approach the target event.

Hi Peter. As you move from phase to phase in the training program, the advisor increasingly moves you towards your target focus, as you describe. As mentioned in the XATA blog, you can also temporarily increase your improvement rate a few weeks before to add more training / introduce more overreaching into your plan with the anticipation that you’ll be tapering for the event. To taper, reducing the improvement rate to maintenance / taper / off-season will automatically reduce the volume relative to your current training load. You’ll see more rest as a result with workouts that are at/near your Focus leading into the event. XATA will suggest a short (40XSS) workout the day before the event as an opener.

Hi Armando, thanks for explaining, that makes sense and confirms my understanding. Regarding when to start the taper, is there any best practice or advice? Is 2 weeks before a good time to drop the IR?

2 weeks is good after a very intense block at higher IRs (Aggressive/Extreme). 1 week is fine if you are on a lower IR.