Program phases

The documentation states that: " Training Programs are currently set at 120 days and count backwards from your Target Event Date.". So, I started 1 1/2 week ago and my target date is April 1.
Question 1: Does xert adjust and make my base training shorter? Or makes them proportionatelly shorter?
Question 2: Does it move me automatically to the next phase ?
Question 3| Does it automatically change the recommended workputs based on the phase i am in!( from what I read , it does. Just to confrim)

I think as it states, it will just calculate backward from your Apr 1st goal date and set the phases in reverse. So, in this case, you will get 30 days of Peak, 45 of Build, and 5 days of Base (Apr 1 is 80 days away) - perhaps without Base altogether, since a Taper week is the last one…
Q1- No
Q2 - Yes
Q3 - Yes! also taking into account your current state.

Actually my 1st event is April 13 (. National duathlon) and the 2nd is April 30 ( Worlds). The reason I picked April 1 is so that it gives me time to do more running the last month. Since I get ae week taper I’m wondering if I should change the end date to April 8! Honestly I’ve beem doing duathlon for awhile but never trained this way or used so called taper! Just wing it!