Problems with Trainer Control and IQ-App using Garim 1030

Sometimes during a workout the IQ App loses the power Control Elite XR Trainer. No resistance adaptation is possible anymore. Neither changes in Slope or Resistance or Power Modus
Today it happened during the cool down so it doesn’t matter but I also had troubles during the mid of doing hard intervals which destroyed my workout.
It tried are reconnect withe the IQ app which recognised all sensors again but the control of the trainer did not happen.
Then i started the xert app on the iphone selected the training and skipped to the intervall and the control of the iphone worked but that is not the solution.

In the pictures you can see clearly that every worked fine until at the end (the drop in the middle was caused by a bio break)

Ensure you’re on the latest version of the Workout Player. There are known issues with Garmin ConnectIQ apps that run background services. These can interrupt apps that are controlling the trainer. The latest app attempts to work around this issue. If you still see issues, check for these apps but also check that your trainer is close to your Garmin and that there is no wifi interference.

If you still have issues, best to switch to use our Xert EBC mobile app with bluetooth. No issues there.

Thanks for your answer. I did the following and this worked good.
Load the same workout on Garmin and on the iOS device with EBC app. On Garmin i turn the control of the trainer off and let do EBC-iOS this work.
So i have the automatic upload to Garmin by the Egde1030 and to Xert by EBC.
Of course I have to cut the sync between Garmin connect and Xert.