Problems with my fitness signature..

Hi, when I push hard and I do several sprint to see my signature to improve it … but then with the new values ​​I can not complete the training with those values ​​… why my signature is higher than the reality ??

Hi Rober. Try and perform a progression recalculation (see the FAQs). You can even use the opportunity to properly seed your progression. I suspect your Peak Power may be underestimated. The progression recalculation should address this. Let’s see…

Hi Armando! I have recalculated my signature with the signature calculator by entering my best data of the power curve of all my trainings (strava premium) the result 1048PP, 16,2Kj HIE, 280W TP after saving these data manually I have recalculated the progression and the result Is 1070PP, 23.6KH HIE, 308w TP. That 10% that increases my TP causes my training to have very difficult goals … the only solution is to fix my TP to 280, right now is the way to complete my training, but when I re-push my signature again I’ll upload the TP again … thanks for your interest and your answers

Thanks Rober. I’ll keep an eye on things and see if there is something we can address.