Problem with training status and form, different results

Hi. I have problems with my training status and form. On my activities and training tab it says i am tired but in the calendar tab it says I’m fresh. The calendar is right as i did my workout yesterday, please can you help me with that.

Same here.

On the training tab I am ‘very tired’ and a recovery ride is recommended (I did a hard ride 2 days ago and I already did a recovery ride yesterday) while on the planning tab I am ‘fresh’ and a different type of training is recommended.

What is Advice as of time set to under Goals?
Stars status color on XO home page below your name is your current form.
If your current form doesn’t match calculated form use the Freshness Feedback slider.
Stars status color on Planner (and color of small triangle within the Pacer Needle) is calculated form 24 hours from now.

Reference –
Xert Training Pacer – Xert (
Training Status and Form – Xert (
Personalizing Xert’s Training Algorithms by using Freshness Feedback – Xert (

11:59 PM

Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Mondays as of 11:59 pm
Your current [Training Status] is Very tired and should consider a [Recovery] ◆ activity or workout, generating about 40 XSS of overall strain.

The small triangle was already blue yesterday (I might have checked after midnight though).

Still weird that the planner proposes another type of training for today than the training tab does. Should I set Advice as of to 00:01AM instead?

11:59pm is what I prefer which means as of end of today while 1:00am (you can’t set to 0:01) would be start of the day.
Are you clicking on the Automatic icon on the Planner? (rotates through top four hits)
Or clicking on the day which pops up all the recommendations and lets you choose?
What is ATP set to? (TED, Continuous or Challenge)
Do you have plenty of historical data on file?

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As a matter of fact, my current training status just turned blue (from red) at about the time I finished my 3 hour race on Saturday. A bit counter-intuitive to me that my status changes in the middle of the day, but it is not the first time I noticed this. Also a bit strange that I move straight from ‘very tired’ to ‘fresh’.

I do have almost 4 months of data in the system. I was on Continuous, but yesterday I switched to Challenge (I did not like not having a fixed target). I did indeed click the automatic icon on the planner.

Form is two-dimensional, taking into account the form of both the Low and High+Peak systems - I think it’s best refer to this graphic to get a better idea of how it works:

As you can see, you can go directly from red (Very tired) to blue (Fresh) without needing to be yellow (Tired) in between.

Tired is only relevant when your High+Peak form is low, at which point Xert won’t give you any high intensity work.



Thank you. BTW I found a blog article that covers this subject perfectly.

Why are my stars different colours in different views? – Xert (

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I might be hijacking this thread but my question/issue is very similar and I didn’t quite see a need to start a new thread. My issue is specifically isolated to the planner and the training status (star color) showing up there. I’m in the early stages of trying Xert for a full annual workout coaching cycle and am just getting to the point where I want to get back to a routine I’m used to of scheduling workouts 1 week in advance (just been doing day-of planning last couple months). Xert seems perfectly suited to this 1-week block planning. I’ve read lots of blog posts and watched the training vids: great stuff! But when I go and start scheduling my next week of workouts I’m not getting the change in training status that I should be getting to help me plan around fatigue. Basically no matter what kind of work out I schedule the planner always shows me as ‘fresh’ the very next day. Even if I schedule myself for an absolute wrecker of a workout (300+ XSS), the calendar shows me as being fresh the very next day which is not accurate since that workout should have me in the yellow for 2-3 days afterwards (history in Xert corroborates this). I’ve checked my “Training Status / Advice As Of” setting, which I like to have at 6am, and also have messed with the scheduled activity times in the planner (setting them for before or after my Advice As Of time), and none of that makes any difference. Is there a bug in the planner or am I doing something very wrong?

If you’re planning only endurance / below threshold workouts you will always be either blue or red (ignoring very fresh and detraining as I assume your are ramping load). Yellow is for when you do high intensity. See chart in the post above.

If you have a high training load (?) it’s possible it takes a lot for you to be red (form less than -30% of load)

Ah! Light bulb! Thanks @wescaine! That’s exactly what I wasn’t getting. Makes sense now. I threw a workout into the calendar with some intervals >100% threshold and voila, yellow stars the next 2 days. Perfect!

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