Problem with Garmin IQ-App Focus and Difficulty


I have tried out this data field (focus) for the first time today.
According to my trainingsplan I tried to reach a focus of 8:00 minutes during a 2h MTB-ride.
I overtuned at the beginning an therefore even when riding very easy at the end, the ride ended up in a 7:30 focus - mixed workout (because at the end i have riden in zone 0 to raise up the focus the metrix switched from polar to mixed - I assume).
What I’m struggeling with is that in the xert application the focus is shown as 5:26??? shouldn’t it be same same in Garmin AND and Xert ?

I would report this one to
They are making some changes on the backend and something may be amiss with the analysis.

Normally when you are careful about maintaining a focus target during a free ride the results are within a minute or so of that target when the data is analyzed online.
Focus field calc on app operates within a limited range.
Analysis online is second by second for entire activity.
First 10-15 minutes are crucial as it’s difficult to raise the number once driven down.
However, the analysis is incorrect in your case so best to file a support request directly.

EDIT: If the title is correct it has something to do with the first half effort being followed by < LTP for most of the second hour. Usually when you ride to a Focus point < 10 minutes there are irregular intervals to Focus for the majority of the ride. The spike at 1:28 would have driven it down some, but I don’t see how it ended up as 5:26.