Problem Loading Xert Player workout fit files into WKO4

Not sure if I’ve missed something along the way on setting this up but I’m using the workout player with Kickr Snap and Edge 520 but no other power meter outside of the Kickr. The workouts run fine (love the Smart workouts!) and the results load back up into Xert just great. I also want to load the resulting fit file from the Edge 520 into WKO4 but when I do although TSS is fine there is no power data loaded. When I look into the fit file I see that the power number is recorded in a field called “tpow” rather than the “Power” field that I think WKO4 is expecting to find. Have I made an error in the set-up or if not any ideas on how I can modify the fit file to create a “Power” field from the tpow field?

Thanks Don. Due to the limitations of the Connect IQ platform, we store trainer power data as an IQ developer field. You’d have to get WKO to recognize developer fields in order to see that data. Strava automatically recognizes it as power, so if WKO can sync with Strava, you can use that.