Previous button missing

Why is the previous button missing for some workouts?

Not sure if I misunderstand you, but ‘Previous’ is only available in the Advanced MPA tab and only if you had a BT…

You’re correct!

There is no breakthrough icon in the workout or medal in the Progression Chart. But it shows a BT in the MPA chart and it did increase my Peak Power with 23W and High Intensity Energie with 0.4kJ.

Fakethrough, I guess - not sure what the definition of that is exactly, but I think this qualifies. MPA doesn’t drop below actual power on the chart and that green diamond should be a dot. Read about an error on that the other day…

I understand. But as the profile changed it does not make sense to me that it does not show the previous button. I think it falsely raised my Peak Power, so I want to correct that.

We can take a look into adding a ‘Previous’ button for Fakethrough’s as well. For now, if you wish to correct the PP, you can simply do that manually by entering what you think the PP should be.

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Would also be great to have a button to actually go to the previous activity and/or also make non break through activities in the progress chart clickable.
Now I have to go to the activity overview scroll a lot down and search to find the previous activity (and fitness signature). Do you know a way to do this quicker now?

Which previous activity? With a BT? Go to Activity - Table and click the Breakthrough column to sort on that. Clicking it will sort on/from Near, to No, to Yes…

Related: how hard is it to implement a general Previous / Next button in the Activity overview? So that you can go back or forward by a day, like Garmin has. Obviously, you can click Activities in Home > My Activities and then pick the day before or after, but you get the idea…

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I mean the activity one before the one I’m currently viewing (e.g. yesterday). If I understand that is the one it would change the Fitness Signature to when I would press the previous button in a break through activity, correct?

What it - Previous, when available - does is, show you the same activity, but with your old signature. You would then more accurately see how and when the BT happened. For instance, if you managed to stay a while above MPA (which is when MPA drops to TP), you would see the diamond earlier and some yellow line representing the over MPA effort. The ‘new’ signature will only show you the last (best) effort of the BT, i.e. later on the curve.

Hope this makes sense - as to just viewing yesterday’s activity from the overview, see my comment / question above. But I think that is not what you meant or want…

I understand what it - Previous, when available - does. But I would like to do the same analysis in situations were my values were updated without a break through happening. That makes sense does it, or am I missing something?

As to just viewing yesterday’s activity. Your comment makes sense and it is indeed what I meant. I think it is only relevant to me at the moment because it is not easy to see how the values of a non breakthrough activity changed. (The reason I started this topic.)

How the values changed form one ride to the next is - for me at least - easiest to see from the table view. The normal activity dashboard view also shows these changes, but you can see only 3 activities per page…

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