Preview workout

Im new to Xert and still figuring my way around the interface. I would like to know if its possible to preview a workout in the IOS app and on the website. Ive been using training peaks so far and Im used to looking at details of each workout such as how many intervals, power for that interval and time for each interval.

Is there some way of previewing a workout before i select it? I was not able to get a “preview” at all on the IOS app, while I was able to preview the workout only if i went into training/viewdetails/workout designer on the website.

The preview I see on iOS is more of a thumbnail description giving you an idea of the workout. If I use my PC and go down the left sidebar there is workouts selection where it displays in much more detail. You can hover over each segment and see wattage demand etc. I find it useful to see peak watts before committing to that workout.

Thanks and appreciate your reply. Yes, on the PC in the “workout designer” section I can see full details of each workout including the length and power required for each interval along with a lot of other information. This is very helpful in selecting a workout.
I was wondering if there is some way of getting this level of detail in the IOS app. I think that’s not possible currently and hope it will be introduced in a future update.

Thanks for your reply. I can see the details you mentioned in the preview window. The description also tells me the length and % of TP which in a way is a preview of what to expect. I was wondering if there is some way of hovering/sliding over the graph and seeing the length and power required for each interval. I hope this is a feature in a future update.