Prevent Showin all these workouts

How can I hide certain Coach workouts (without hiding them all) that show in my Recommended Workouts List as over 50% of them that show to me EVERY day are HRV TEST or Training with DFAA1 workouts. I do not use an HRV logger app or am I interested in using them. I feel as though I am missing out on the other shared workouts as I never get to see them.

These workouts all appear to be in the “Shared Workout Community” library.

Even the main 5 recommended XATA workouts show me 4 out of 5 of these HRV type workouts…

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They are still good workouts without a DFAa1 logger.

It’s also possible to check the DFAa1 results after the ride with Runalyze.

I’m got no interest at all in HRV analysis as I don’t use a HR monitor.

Agree and would be good if you could select / flag workouts not to include maybe…? or all the ‘test’ workouts could be in a separate category that’s easy to deselect…?

I currently deselect coach workouts regularly, and while it doesn’t fully solve the original question, it would also be good if the filter default was not to include them… or if it could be remembered when one chooses to exclude them (rather than having to do it every time)

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Spot on Wesley. There are so many of these workouts popping up.

As @Old_Major mentions the workouts do meet XATA recommendations for the day. The title is irrelevant, but I see the point. This type of shared workout was designed for a specific purpose. No doubt many newbies would be perplexed by the title and description. :thinking:

Hiding would be a useful function when you know you don’t want a particular workout to be shown now or in the future. You’d want this function to work whenever the workout list is displayed. When you flag a workout as hidden it would disappear and the list would immediately recast.
Perhaps a checkbox as below or a button to right of ZWO that toggles hidden status.

You would also need a fourth checkbox added at bottom of Filter form (disabled by default).

When checkbox is enabled the list includes hidden workouts where you can toggle them back on when desired.


Easiest thing you can do is leave the coach community that has all the workouts you’re not interested in. Then, they won’t show up on your list. You could also just untick Coach under Worktout Library on the filter so you just get Standard and Personal. Some coaches are creating workouts for their athletes and often have many very similar workouts with minor variations, often using %TP (i.e. old school) to accomodate their differences.

I find that there are more than enough workouts in the Standard Library for me to choose from and they are all well-designed to manage XSS, Focus and Difficulty in the most efficient way. They also have more variation in their interval structure making them more interesting to do. I’m not with so much self-discipline to be able to do boring, simple repeating intervals workouts.

There are some newer workouts that are really very potent and help you understand your own response to fatigue. SMART - Weapon of Choice and is an example. These workouts simply don’t exist anywhere but in the Xert Standard Library.

Im sorry but that’s not an acceptable answer.

There are a number of workouts in the shared workout community that I enjoy riding. I shouldn’t have to lose those just to not be inundated with these “test” workouts.

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Think it may be just worth some tidying up of the workouts in there… don’t think you need that many (or any?) DFA alpha based ‘workouts’ in there as they are nothing to do with Xert - not sure when the list was last reviewed?

Actually thought the original intention of those shared workouts was to promote new workouts based on Xert principles (smart workouts, mixed mode, low strain under fatigue etc) which is a great idea, but I don’t see how these (and quite a few in there to be honest eg ramp tests, threshold based intervals etc) fit that purpose actually.

But if they are not tidied up / that’s no longer the purpose, I guess I’ll follow the advice from @xertedbrain and leave that community. The standard workout library is good enough and any gaps can be filled from my own library


Thats exactly my thoughts too. There seems to be many workouts within it that don’t follow the xert training method.

DFAa1 is an extremely useful and easy way to check that your LTP value isn’t above your AeT.

But even if you ignore the DFAa1 element those workouts are amongst the very best of the Endurance workouts in the Coach Library. Most of the Endurance workouts in the Coach Libray have way too much time spent above AeT for a bread and butter endurance ride.

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That implies that LTP shouldn’t be above aerobic threshold, but it’s generally acknowledged that it is for the vast majority of people. I wouldn’t advise fudging your signature to make them align for example

It also assumes DFAa1 has been fully validated, and to my knowledge it hasn’t been yet, even if there is anecdotal evidence (with super small sample sizes).

Assuming it works, I would argue that if if you want a long easy ride to fit a ‘non-Xert’ training approach (which I’m not at all saying is wrong - there is likely value to riding even easier on easy days), you don’t actually need a Xert workout; just free ride at an easy pace. And if you trust DFAa1 then look at that in parallel - why do you need a workout? And if you really do, then why do you need so many of those workouts… they are all basically a ramp followed by steady free ride while monitoring DFAa1…

To me the real question is what the purpose of the shared workout community is… to promote new Xert related workouts, or just share any old workout no matter the approach or philosophy…

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This was posted by admin a wee while back…

This tells me that anything can and does show in the Shared Workouts Community. It also says that any identified “good ones” will be added to the standard library.

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I should have said, “too far above your AeT”. I wouldn’t fudge my signature either.

I have a lactate tester and have found a very good correlation between AeT and 0.75 DFAa1 for both heart rate and power. LTP is pretty close too.

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JFG would you ride this workout if it was listed under recommendations for today?

Take Me to the Zoo

Description: Step ups to just over LTP then steady state below to finish out the hour. Easy low intensity workout, great for watching a video or listening to a podcast.
Focus: Endurance
Specificity: Pure

Here’s another idea –
While certainly doable by typing in “breakthrough” under Description, if this were a checkbox you could uncheck the others and only workouts designed to induce a breakthrough would be listed.
When you are feeling fresh and up for the challenge, you’d have a quick list of options.