Premium Trial Subscription Required

I’ve just started a trial, and when selecting a workout from the home/dashboard I get the red warning / error “Subscription Required”. How can I resolve this?

You are free to try all the features including trying SMART - I Won’t Back Down - FREE as a test workout without charge. Access to the library of workouts requires a paid subscription at this time.

That’s not quite “trying it free for 30 days”, but thanks for the quick reply.

NB your billing page states that “All Xert members will enjoy a free 30 day premium trial before being downgraded to a free plan.” The premium plan lists access to the workouts. It is a bit misleading to not provide the access you’ve stated will be provided. Also, it’s hard to get a sense of how your platform works without being able to try all of the features.

Hi Rainer. We can appreciate that. We may open up all the features during the trial at some point in the future.

Agreed - the details on the subscription page do say that it’s a free 30 day premium trial - this is clearly not the case and is disappointing as I’d like to see how some of the other workouts perform

I subscribed to another platform based on the fact that I couldn’t try all of the xert features before I subscribed. The other platforms let me try before I bought.

Rainer/Phil, we apologize for that confusion. At this time, we can’t offer access to the entire workout library. We may decide to free up more than just the one workout as part of the free trial. Sorry for the trouble. Fortunately, there is no commitment outside of a one month if you decide to try the full features. We’re trying to make this as low cost as possible, but we have a lot of software to support.

You could Just change your marketing information to be more accurate. Currently, it is a bit misleading.