Predicting Form

If I am in a taper week, is there is a way to look at what my future form will be in the Progression chart ? The only way I can see how to predict when I’ll be fresh again is the star color system on the planner page. It’s simple, but being “blue” for example is a fairly big range. It would be nice to know “how” blue I will be on race day, or if still tired and yellow, how close to blue. It’s hard to judge how much, if any, training load to add during a taper week and have enough time to still be “fresh” on race day.

One technique that you can use is to schedule your race is to create a planned activity to represent your race and to view your training status after the race. If it’s blue still, you’ll be plenty fresh enough for the race. If it is red, you may not be fresh enough. (Set the Usual Activity Time to show your Training Status as of after the race, for example). If it goes red and takes days to get back to blue, you’re likely not going into the race trained enough to be competitive.

Thanks, Armando. Currently, my status is tired (yellow). 4 days from now (TED/Race day), it turns green, skipping blue? My current fitness is 3 1/2 stars When I add the race into this week as you suggested and change the usual activity time to after the race, the planner page then shows me as yellow (never red) for 4 days after (TED) before turning blue again. But when I look at the Progression chart after entering in the race (used last years) and put my mouse over race day it shows my Form as blue (+45), not yellow. Am I correct in assuming the best way to model what to do, or not do, leading up to race day is to enter potential workouts and then use the Progression chart to see how it impacts my form over the days leading up to a TED? (ie. mousing over the day to see where my form will be on TED)

The progression chart shows your Form at the time immediately after your activity so you won’t get the value before the event. You can use the Fitness Planner for that by setting UAT. Skipping blue is ok as it means your Lower Training Load is very fresh. It appears that the event will have a lot of intensity and that you’ll be going into it with Very Fresh Low TL. You may want to avoid too much intensity during your opener the day before if you’re going to be yellow that much afterwards.